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Western Wisconsin COVID-19 Archive Project

Collected Item: “Pandemic Rendition”

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Pandemic Rendition

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The pattern of small, blue, unorganized, squares reminded me of a hospital or a doctors office, the first place I would go when I am sick. During this time it seemed as if everyone was sick, there were no appointments available to meet with a doctor nor beds for individuals who were experiencing peak covid symptoms. When I think of a hospital I think of white walls, clean floors, sterile rooms, and order, or at least it was before the pandemic. The background is far from orderly, the color red is also present amongst the blue squares. This is to represent our health care professionals doing their best with the knowledge we had about this novel virus, but still witnessing many deaths. There are also green rings hovering around the two individuals. The color green is often connected with germs or sickness. In the beginning cleaning products were flying off the shelves, people wanted to clean all surfaces as a preventative measure. This meant that consumers were buying several jugs of bleach, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and many other products in surplus (creating many shortages). The air around the two individuals is filled with images of the covid-19 virus under a microscope. Masks became a way to protect ourselves from catching the virus, ultimately leading to mask mandates. The two individuals facing one another represent the mass separation we experienced during lockdown and with social distancing.

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Andrea Kubishak

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Andrea Kubishak

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Social distancing

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