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Western Wisconsin COVID-19 Archive Project

Collected Item: “PPE board, with visual aids”

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PPE board, with visual aids

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The way I choose what to make is that I work as a CNA in a Long Term Care Unit for the Developmentally Disabled, that is run by the State of WI. So, when I think of covid, I think of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The standard PPE is a gown, gloves, and a face mask.
I used yellow tag board and shaped it into a face shield. I used Styrofoam instead of the foam on the actual ones, and I put an elastic band around the top, to make it look more realistic. On the front side of my shield, I put face masks down, then I put a single blue glove in the middle. I choose to use the yellow tag board as a base in order to represent the gowns that we wear to protect our clothing.
During the pandemic, we posted all of the CDC/WHO guidelines at work. So, I made a Timeline of what we posted essentially. I was missing some information, so I went on the CDC website and filled in my gaps.

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March 10th, 2023

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HWY SS Bloomer, WI 54724

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Mary McCann

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Mary McCann

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