Amy Burgoyne, Restaurant Francisee, November 2020



Amy Burgoyne, Restaurant Francisee, November 2020


Oral history, Restaurant franchisee Amy Burgoyne. Isanti, Min.




November 24, 2020


Alexis Polencheck


Alexis Polencheck


Amy Burgoyne lives in the small-town Isanti, Minnesota where she lives with her husband and is a franchisee of a restaurant with two different locations. In this interview Amy goes in-depth on the help that businesses have received and what challenges they’ve faced. Her own businesses have had to make changes since they were considered essential workers and had to juggle customer intake and sick workers. Amy touches on mental health, truthfulness of news, and her opinions on how state and federal workers have responded. Amy also mentions how she and her husband have found different ways to keep entertained while everything is closed and how to still see friends while staying safe. Many changes have happened because of COVID and Amy explains how her everyday life has changed while also handling two restaurants.

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