Avery Judnic, College Student, September 2020



Avery Judnic, College Student, September 2020


Oral history, College student, Avery Judnic. Eau Claire, Wis.




September 18, 2020


Cullin Peterson


Alexis Polencheck


In this interview with Avery Judnic, a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, she will be touching on a variety of topics ranging from her experiences as a high schooler to her college experience. Being a freshman in college, in 2020, means that Avery’s spring of 2020 was spent in high school during the COVID pandemic and her fall semester is being experienced now as a freshman in college. Her class has experience from both high school and college during the pandemic. As she discusses her concerns of the pandemic pre-college and during college, varying trends and ideals are displayed in her experiences. Understanding the life of the class that has been thrown into the thickest of it all will reveal some of the most impactful effects of the pandemic. Avery focuses on her experience in her hometown compared to the college life, as well as the concerns of her and her fellow classmates. “It's not about business, it's about teaching, and inspiring young people to do other things in their lives."

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