Anthony Wallace, Retail Worker, December 2020



Anthony Wallace, Retail Worker, December 2020


Oral history, Retail worker Anthony Wallace. Eau Claire, Wis.




December 3, 2020


Cullin Peterson


Alexis Polencheck


In this interview, Anthony Wallace talks about his experience with COVID-19, as a college student and a retail worker who puts in forty-hours a week. Anthony working a full forty-hours a week and being a college student gives him a unique experience on the ways that students and essential workers are dealing with the pandemic and what they deal with on a daily basis. Anthony goes into detail on the effects he has experienced at Target and how his daily interactions with individuals have changed. He also delves into how the pandemic has given him a better understanding of the individuals around him by watching the ways that they interact with the pandemic. Anthony shares his concerns with the pandemic and how other individuals interact with during the pandemic especially at work, which is seen was he says, “But at the same time, like as an employee, it's kind of frustrating because it's like, you're kind of putting your health out there on the line. And there are some people who just don't really feel as if it's as important or feel that it's as important as you do.”

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