Anonymous, Retail Associate, November 2020



Anonymous, Retail Associate, November 2020


Oral history, Retail Associate, anonymous. St. Paul, Minn.


November 15, 2020


Cristiano Favazza


Cheryl Jimenez Frei


In this interview the interviewee wishes to remain anonymous. In the interview he will discuss what it is like to be an essential worker in during the COVID-19 pandemic. He works as a retail associate at local hardware store and will talk about what it is like working with customers during the pandemic. As well he will discuss his social life and family life and how it has been affected. In addition will give his views on how the news and media has handled the pandemic and how the government has delt with it. He also goes into detail about how he thinks the virus has affected people as whole specifically the mental affects it has had and will continue to have on people.

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