Gary Lato, Retired Mailman, April 2021



Gary Lato, Retired Mailman, April 2021


Oral history, Retired Mailman Gary Lato. Stanley, Wis.




April 23, 2021


Marcus Shilts


Alexis Polencheck


This interview is done with Gary Lato who is 69 years old and has lived in Stanley, Wisconsin his whole life and he is a retired mailman of 34 years. Here I discuss with him how COVID has affected those around him in his community as well as how it has affected him. Primarily I am getting his thoughts on the entire issue, since he says he lives a mostly hermit lifestyle. During the interview he spoke as an observer to all these things going on in the community and what he is noticing from his perspective. From Garys’s point of view as an older member of the community, he sees all this as something that is going to pass and just run its course. He also touches on how most in his area in the country are mainly just staying out of it and going about their lives as normal and not worrying about it in general. He also goes on to note how this is affecting people in a big way, due to there being restrictions on many aspects of life. He ends the interview with his own spiritual view, that if you have spiritual views may agree or disagree with.

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