Sinking into a Deep Sleep



Sinking into a Deep Sleep


I illustrated a CNA drowning in a molecule of sars-coV-19, also known as COVID19, to show the extreme conditions healthcare workers have been trying to push through during this pandemic. We have been working countless hours of overtime, sometimes for 24 or 48 hours straight due to understaffing, healthcare workers quitting, and others getting fired from refusing the vaccine. Our jobs have become very overwhelming, with the amount of cares we must provide for our patients, and with the thought of this pandemic having no end in sight, it's as if we're drowning in this pandemic. Healthcare workers are drowning in all the cares they must provide for everyone else, that they're unable to take care of themselves, and soon we wont have many healthcare and medical professionals left. That is why I chose to portray this CNA the way I did, and I hope others can agree with my experiences.




February 23, 2022


University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire - 1698 Park Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54701


Ever Oldenberg, CNA - Pre-Nursing Major


Ever Oldenberg, CNA - Pre-Nursing Major


Health and medicine



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