Dr. Carla Lagorio, Professor/Caregiver, August 2022



Dr. Carla Lagorio, Professor/Caregiver, August 2022


Oral history, Professor/Caregiver Dr. Carla Lagorio. Eau Claire, Wis.


Andrew Beine


Andrew Beine


Dr. Carla Lagorio is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and mother of two children. In this interview Dr. Lagorio discusses the difficulties of working from home while simultaneously being a caregiver for young children abruptly home from daycare during the height of the Covid pandemic. She also describes her experiences in being there for developmental milestones for her children and how Covid had impacted those moments. She also reflects on how her Covid caregiving experience didn’t allow for much of the “luxury” of downtime others may have had during lockdown. Lastly, she describes the support system her and her family found in the families in their neighborhood, as well as looking at potential “silver linings” during an event that is overwhelmingly negative.

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