Linda Brunner, UWEC Department Assistant, May 2023



Linda Brunner, UWEC Department Assistant, May 2023


Interviewee: Linda Brunner
Interviewer: Andrew Beine
Date: May 2, 2023
Format: Audio Recording
Location of interview: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Transcriber: Andrew Beine
Additional Transcription Equipment used:
Project in association with: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire


Oral history transcript


Andrew Beine


Andrew Beine


Linda Brunner works as a department assistant for the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. As a single mother by choice, Linda was raising her 5th grade son when Covid struck in the spring of 2020. In this interview, she describes what it was like suddenly living 24/7, being a caregiver to her child, as well as acclimating to the new world of working from home. Later, she discusses her experience in her department, and how she has felt supported and accommodated as a caregiver by her supervisors. In addition, she speaks to the importance of journaling her experiences and her hope that, when possible, working from home becomes a staple for modern working households.

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