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Set 1-4 Loong Ear Owl, May 2 Yellow Rump W [indecipherable] May 3 Purple Grackle nest containing eggs [indecipherable] May 2 Pintail Duck May 4 Blue Wing Teal Abundant May 5 Telltale [indecipherable] Yellow Shauk Snipet about May 5 King Bird first seen May 6 Rail (Carolina) first seen May 6 Hooded Merganser Seen May 6 B+W creeping War [Warbler] first seen May 7 Least Sand piper May 7 Bufflehead Seen May 7 Bal. [Baltimore] Oriole first seen May 8 Bobolinck first seen May 8 Chestnut Side W first seen May 9 Yellow Warbler first seen May 9 Least Flycatcher first seen May 9 Golden Crown Thrush May 9 Hermit Thrush May 9 Scarlet Tanager May 9 Rose Breast Grossbeak May 9