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Wood Thrush May 10. [check mark] Prairie Hens Nest 1-13 May 10. [check mark] Yellow Hammer Nest 2 eggs May 10. Least Sand Piper May 9. Wilson's Phalarope May 12. Yellow Shanks abundant May 12. Pectoral Sandpiper Small Flock May 12. Black Cap W. May 15. Ring Neck Plover May 15. A few Yellow Shank May 15. A few Pectoral Sand [Sandpiper] May 15. No White J Sparrow seen [unclear] May 15. [check mark] Boat Tails nests, cont young May 15. [check mark] Baywing Sprw nest 1-4 May 15. Ring Neck Plover May 16. Cape May Warbler May 16. Orchard Oriole May 18. [check mark] Song Sparrows Nest May 19 1-5 Nest on ground in bunch of grass among Willows, dug.