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Summer of of 1891

Young Grosbeak left nest June 15 Field Sparrow June 16 Nest in Hands 18 in up. Dry weeds and sticks, lined quills Goose hair Widdle 1. 80 [undecipherable] 1.75 Eggs 3 / Field Sparrow 6/20 Nest in Brair 2ft [undecipherable] Fine twigs and Rootlets Lined with Cattails [?] Horse hairs. Eggs 4 fresh Width 1 90/100 ins Depth 1 30/100 Eggs with a greenish tint Song Sparrow [undecipherable] 22 Nest in Willows 2ft up 3 Eggs and 1 Cowbird Egg. Nest made of Coarse grass and lined with fine grass Width 2 25/100 Depth {undecipherable]2