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Friday March 23, 1883 Went to Eau Claire to day with five head steers. Weighed 6072 at 5 cts net $303.60. had no bad luck driving. Ed Hart and Day Grant helped drive. We come home on the 5 o'clock train paid for tickets for Day and Ed, $1.30 and for my self from Gary will to Eau Claire and back 65 cts A little warmer to day thawed a little through the middle of day.

Saturday March 24, 1883 At home all day. Ed Hart cut fence posts in forenoon. Sold him my old drag for $1.00. Paid. Ed $2.30 for driving cattle to town and 1/2 choping and so he pend for his + Days dinner + lunch. Tutte warm thawed a considerable wind S.E.