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Wednesday April 25, 1883 Went down to Dozel Kings in the morning, raked off the yard and done other chores in the after noon. Roger hauled [naue?] in forenoon, and seeded oats in after noon, we had Daniels seeder. Quite warm to day: light north wind.

Thursday April 26, 1883 Choring nearly all day went down to timber lot in afternoon. Roger seeding oats nearly all day, draging balance. not very cold, light north wind

Friday April 27, 1883 Choring and working around yard most of day, went down to Depot in afternoon, Roger draging all day, Still and warm in forenoon, quite high N.W. wind in after noon

Saturday April 28, 1883 Working around yard in forenoon went to Bertsoends in after noon