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Yellow Hammer Apr 13

Rabius Very Jelenty Apr 13

First Marsh Hawk Apr 5

Yellow Runuh W Apr 14

Yellow B. Woodjacck Apr 14

Learoliva Wren Apr 14

Ave Wigeon Apr 14

Spool Bill Apr 14

Brown laneels Apr 14

Yellow ler Kinglet Apr 16

Ecave Swallow Apr 17

Ruby G Kinglet Apr 19

Wilson Snipe Apr 19

Black Snowbird Comm Apr 19

Field Sparrow Wales Apr 21

Yellow Runuh W grufe Apr 21

Blu & comin 5 bhild Apr 22

Lark Finch first seen Apr 23

Whipporwill First seen Apr 23

Swamp Sparrow first seen 24

Purple Martin Apr 25

Black snobird, common Apr 26

Brown Hawk first seen