A warm summer night

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And down your legs we go... taking time to get more gel into my hands... every muscle receiving a good massage. Still huffing from not getting my finger, this isn't working for you as much as the arm and shoulder rub did. Yet, I am enjoying touching you, exploring your body... every detail... 0 - https://pornovideos.win/ 1 - https://pornovideos.win/category/close-up/ Ok, get on all fours.” He does as you say, and you remove your jeans as he fingers himself, getting ready. “You’ll be glad you got all the spit on my cock in a couple seconds” you say, and he chuckles with anticipation. You move behind him, and lean forward, next to his ear. “See” you whisper ”I told you I would fuck you like an animal.” Then you enter him. He moans in ecstasy “fuck, yes, fuck me.” And you oblige. You drive into his tight ass deep and hard. He bends his back, and pants, loving every second, every inch of you pounding inside him. He reaches up to tug on his hard dick, but you slap his hand away. “I’ll decide when you get that” you say through clenched teeth, and drive into him extra hard, making him whimper.