All in the family Chapter 3

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Lisa and her father were likewise going at it. Lisa got into the swing of things and completely rested the weight of her ass and body on her father's face. "Go ahead and lick my pussy Daddy. My brother Greg knows how to eat pussy. Let's see if you do!" Her father loved hearing his daughter talk this way to him and he dived into sucking her cunt furiously. Lisa bucked and bucked her cunt on her father's mouth making it hard for him to enjoy eating her virgin pussy. Her juices flowed freely onto his face and chin and he stuck his tongue into her slit trying to capture as much of the sweet cream as he could. He placed his hands under her ass and lifting her he did manage to hold her still so he could eat her properly. Lisa loved this and said, "Ooooh Daddy, you're so strong. I feel like I'm in a saddle riding your tongue. My little pussy is impaled on your ticklish tongue. Eat me Daddy. Make my twat cum. Do you like how my pussy tastes Daddy?" 0 - 1 - Greg looked at her and said, "I loved feeling Lisa's tits even as you say Mom, but yours are even better, and I've been waiting a long time to enjoy them."