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A scream was trying to rip its way out Victoria’s throat, even though only the head of the monstrous thing had entered. She had the feeling that something inside her was going to tear at any moment. She tried to free herself, but Biog Boy was holding her tight and would not let go. He had lost control and he wasn’t aware of being fisted on the head. A piercing scream followed. 0 - 1 - After doing what they want, they just grabbed me and laid me down on a low table, they removed my bra and my top, leaving my skirt and high heels on. The table was so small that it can only support my body to my shoulders, so my neck was just dangling from the table backwards. Two guys, held both my arms, and two more spread my legs open, I felt hands caressing my breasts and touching my body. And then out of nowhere this BIG GUY who seemed to be the leader of the pack, appeared in front of me. He took off his clothes, and FUCK he had a huge cock! He first licked my pussy hard and spit on it too. After that he moved to my back and tilted my head so that it would just fall out of the table, he then just pummeled his cock deep in my mouth, good thing his cock was still soft at the time, but it grew hard in seconds. That was my first blowjob, after a couple of minutes he moved back in front of me and licked my pussy again. After that, he then stood up and pointed his 9 inch hard cock to my pussy, I shouted and begged for him to not do it, then he ordered one of the guys to shut me up, so one guy just pummeled his cock in my mouth. Then I could feel the pain inside my pussy, he just entered me hard and fast! He fucked me and fucked me and fucked me and fucked me!!! It was so painful. After maybe 20 minutes in my pussy, he just suddenly pulled his cock out, but then I could feel another pain, but this time in my ass, He was about to fuck my ass too and there was nothing I can do, he just entered my ass like I was some prostitute who doesn’t mind at all. He fucked my ass for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, before putting it back in my pussy, then after about 20 more minutes of ravaging me, without warning he shot his load deep inside my pussy. After he came I thought it was over, but another guy replaced him, then another and another. After 5 guys, the next guy laid down on the floor and they assisted me on top of him, I was so weak that they just carried me without resistance from me. He entered my pussy while another guy entered my ass, they fucked me at the same time. After cumming inside me, they laid me down on the table again so that the remaining guys can fuck me too, after a total of 15 guys fucking me, they lined up in front of my face while I was on the table, and one by one they shot a load of cum on my face. My pussy was so sore and so does my asshole. But since they thought I was a prostitute, they did one more thing to humiliate me, they took pictures of me covered in cum, and inserted a 20 peso bill in my pussy, and told me that I was a cheap fucking slut, since I let them fuck me for just 20 pesos, which is roughly 50 cents in the US.