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NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide),

Now people's living standards have improved, so their bodies are easy to get fat. Of course, some women may gain weight only after giving birth. In fact, this is related to the secretion of estrogen.

Never mind women's figure, they can't meet their requirements in women's eyes. Even if they are thin, they want to be thin. Fat people want to lose weight. Their goal is to have a perfect body and let others accept themselves. However, with the growth of age, their physical quality will gradually decline, collagen will slowly lose, and their skin will become loose and dark.

Many girls who love beauty will decorate themselves with cosmetics, and some will go to beauty salons to do some maintenance. In short, these are to make yourself look more beautiful and prominent. The cost of buying cosmetics and going to the beauty salon is too high. Today, I want to share some skin care tips.

1. Drink a cup of soybean milk.

Maybe many girls don't like drinking soybean milk, because the taste of soybean milk is not very good, but soybean milk has a good effect on skin care. Soybean milk is made from soybean and rich in lecithin. It has a good effect on delaying aging and skin care.