Benefits of Hiring Plumber Service

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All I would say is that yes, in general, biologically these things are true. But there are biological exceptions just as there are psychological exceptions and cultural exceptions.

So I would just hesitate to use such definitive, “a girl who does this is right, and a girl who does that is screwed up” type language.

People come in all sexual shapes, forms, sizes and preferences. Biology, psychology and culture all have a hand in it… and for most people, they’re never going to change it past a certain age (especially men studies show). So I think it’s better to just accept it at face value.

Reply hilanoga says: May 29, 2011 at 1:21 pm I don’t like these biological arguments. There are many things that are “wired into my biology” like running around naked and gathering berries (I guess), and many things that are not, like studying for my math degree. Yet the fact that I study for my degree is considered acceptable and healthy, while running around naked is not, to say the least.