Benefits of Hiring Plumber Service

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I went to the Tilbury on Sunday night. The Tilbury is a bit like high school. It has that high school attitude and even the bitchy mean girls. There are the popular and pretty jocks on one corner. They are muscular, tall, blonde and refuse to mingle with any other group. The nerds and geeks are in one corner…discussing their latest mobile phone or IPOD purchase. The wanna be popular posers in another area and the clueless untouchables in another area by themselves. Gay men have really not grown up since high school. We still care what others think of us and we are always trying to join the footy team or in this case the gym team!

There was one thing that I did miss about high school: the friend with privileges. Remember the concept: You are my friend, just like all the rest of my friends. I eat pizza with you, watch TV and play video games. The difference is that you have privileges and you can tear off my clothes at any given moment and make crazy sex to me. I will think nothing of it and just go with the flow. In high school, friends are friends, pals are pals and buddies sleep together. Nothing has changed in the gay world.