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Biomedical engineering (BME) also addressed as the medical engineering is the field of study that applies the design concepts and principles of engineering to biology and medical field with the purpose of improving healthcare facilities. . The field of engineering bridges up the gap between medical and engineering. It merges up the medical biological sciences with the problem solving and designing skills of engineer with for the betterment of the health care treatment. (For example: therapeutic and diagnostic). This includes monitoring, diagnosis, and providing therapy. The scope of biomedical engineering is not just limited to the scientific boundaries. The biomedical engineers are also skilled to learn the management of latest medical equipment available in the hospitals while sticking to the appropriate standards of industry. The field also covers the creating equipment suggestions, and maintenance, procurement, routine testing, etc. All these roles are performed by the Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET).

In comparison to the different fields of engineering, the Biomedical engineering has now evolving as its own study. This advancements are very common because new field transformation ae considered the field. Among the pre-existing fields these are not just with the multidisciplinary specialization. In the field of biomedical engineering, most of the work is based on research and development. The application of biomedical engineering are prominently used in the biocompatible prostheses development, multiple therapeutic and diagnostic medical devices. This ranges from development of medical equipment such as common imaging devices, regenerative tissue growth, therapeutic biologicals, EKG/ECGs and MRIs devices, micro-implants, and pharmaceutical drugs.

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