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== Game Programming ==
Games have been a point of fascination since 19th century. The Gaming industry has undergone a lot of transformations due to changing technologies. To coin down the definition of Game Programming, we can refer it to software development of video games. If you want to be expert in game programming, you should be an expert in software engineering. Game programmers ought to be expert in subjects like artificial intelligence, graphics, input, audio programming, physics, audio engineering. For more intricate and multiplayer games with many variables programmers should be skillful in areas like network and database programming.
=What is Game Programming?=
Gaming market is one of the fastest growing lucrative industry in the computer programming sector. Game programming refers to developing software applications for improvement of video games. A game is some input given by the person to provide output, which gives a sensation of success to the person. Students often struggle to write proper programs for gaming. They face difficulty completing the assignment for game programming. In such situations, students should hire professional help to write programs
=Development Process of Games:=
The game development process begins with no proper design in mind. These game designs have different possible origins. The games named The Sims was started by game designer Will Wright by asking programmers to experiment alot in several ways. The various steps of game designing are:
Prototyping: To develop the ideas and features of a game, prototypes are developed. A lot of protyping is done before putting a game into production.
Game Design: The design of the game is often contributed by game programmer, game artist and non-lead position personnel's like copywriters. Programmers closely monitor the design document of the game. You can easily find changes in design document as the game development progresses.
Production: As the game development and production proceeds, the programmers develop the game as per game design document. The design document is modified as per the production requirements of the game.
The quality assurance team (QA) looks after the process of testing. It is done by high level programmers. This process starts with the completion of process of game development. The programmers here fix bugs and errors that are pointed out by QA team.
Nearing Completion: Also called the process of "polishing" the game, it is the final task of fixing bugs that may arise during testing. When the game is finally developed, it is said to have "gone gold". It is then delivered to the customer. Sometimes, for their own quality assurance the publisher presses the game for the gold master.
The game is shipped to the customer. Now the programmer waits for the customer to report as many bugs as he thinks are there. Then the programmer starts working on the patch. Patch includes extra features, content and may take weeks or months to develop. These patches can alter the gameplay altogether.
The game may take one to three years to develop thoroughly. A lot of programming is required at every step of game development. The length of duration depends on the type of game, tools used etc.
Programming language for the game
Once the basics of the game are agreed upon, the gaming language should be decided. The programming language depends on many factors like programming language comfortability of the staff, speed required, target platforms, libraries being used etc. The popularly used languages are object-oriented languages that are implemented using compilers. There are games which are not written using single language. Take example of Unity, a popular game engine, its different parts are written in different languages like C, C++ and C#. Looking into the complexity of the gaming languages, students should rely on professional game programmers.
The video games developed for consoles were produced using assembly language due to lack to storage and speed. With the development of new technologies, many options have come up for game development for consoles. Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony have different SDK's for their games.
Some of the Programming Languages and It's Features are as given below:
1. Assembly language- minimal CPU overhead
2. C- has numerous API's, portable and known, compiles to machine code
3. C++: numerous API's, widely known and portable, object oriented, compiles to machine code.
4. Java- portable, object oriented
5. C#, visual basic, .NET etc- connects with Microsoft products, object oriented, garbage collected
6. Objective-C, Swift- connects with Apple products, object oriented
7. Lua, python, Java script etc- used often for scripting, familiar syntax
8. Lisp, Pascal, Smalltalk etc- connected to common libraries, fringe game languages
These are some of the updates on game programming. Students of computer science who are learning game programming can rely on experts like BookMyEssay and get Game Programming Assignment Help from them. They are available 24 by 7 online. There experts provide the best of its kind work.
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