Controlled by a Maid's Uniform

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Moving quickly you try and dress him as he fights you, suddenly he grabs your uniform front and pulls, thankfully the poppers unsnap and your uniform falls open all the way. You both freeze for just a second and Richard sees your pump body clad in nothing but your underwear. Taking advantage of his stillness you pull his shirt back on and bending down you get his trousers up to his knees, as you go to stand you glance up and see for the first time Richard’s cock standing erect inches from your face, you know seeing you this way caused it and you feel a hot flush race through you and your panties dampen.... 0 - 1 - A seven.’ Mike seemed quite surprised by his answer. ‘Most girls just pick the highest reward possible. So a seven is quite honest. I’m curious to know what you would be willing to do that you think is worth a ten.’