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Hello, I want to share my opinion about Glamour Amber cigarettes. I'll tell you right away that I smoke very rarely, rather for fun. I'll start with the packaging design. I liked it, hides his eye, beautiful flowers, looks very female. The packaging is very thin, the space does not take up much. The cigarettes themselves are long and thin, do not have any pronounced smell, very light, but for me - a person who does not have a need for everyday smoking - will suit. Pulling, not caustic, throat do not fight, but the effect is felt. If you smoke something stronger, you probably won't feel the effect, but for smokers like me, there is an effect. Another plus is the Less Smoke Smell technology. The smell is almost gone, and it quickly weathers. In general, my result is such - beginners or those who smoke for fun - will like it. For myself, I realized that so far these cigarettes suit me the most. Website: Website: