D/s Vs. Romance In A Marriage

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We continued down the deserted beach, just happy in our love. Eventually, Claire turned to me and stood still, expectant. I reached around her to hug her, and leant down to kiss her. Claire shivered. I'm not sure if that was passion or cold, the wind had picked up. A spot of rain landed on my nose, and I wiped it way. The sky was looking ominously black. We hadn't been looking up; we hadn't noticed. 0 - https://pornoblacked.com/ 1 - https://pornoblacked.com/category/romantic/ That was how our evening was set up. We did what I could afford to do at the time, but this would have the same effect on your lover if altered to your budget. We did this same setup many times. Each time was a little different, but still the same type of romantic scenario. The love making was always the grandest after we did something like this. My wife always threw herself into pleasing me, because she knew, and felt, she was loved.