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Feeling light and seeing beautiful colors make him losing control. Two hands lifting his head and pushing his mouth against the stinging pussy. The pussy is rubbed back and forth over his mouth, causing the outer lips slide open. Automatically he opens his mouth and runs his tongue through the pussy. He feels the inner lips. These seem larger and coarser than the ones of his wife. He can even take them into his mouth and suck on it. He sucks her pussy with force into his mouth. He feels everything is swelling. Her clit is a small marble. He rubs his tongue against it. She starts to move her body more intense. The excitement of cunnilingus gives him a big erection and tingling in his whole body. 0 - 1 - I kept pumping my cock until I was fully embedded into my little girl. With our hips touching the others, I began to slowly pump my cock in and out of her vagina. Sara had placed her legs over my back and was again panting, saying every so often, "Oh daddy, oh daddy." this gave me extra incentive as I could not think of anything so erotic as my own daughter wanting me to fuck her. Then shortly afterwards Sara started to thrust up to meet me as I pumped into her, our motion was now becoming quicker and quicker, with Sara saying, "Fuck me daddy. fuck my cunt." I locked our lips together, kissing Sara deeply, until all at once Sara had another orgasm. Her legs locked me tighter to her body and it was harder to thrust into but I did, then I came. I blasted my semen into her and I grounded my cock as far as it could go, feeling my end touch her cervix. I came in torrents and we hung in there until both of us subsided. I was still kissing Sara when we broke apart and my cock had gone flaccid from enjoyment. Sara clinged to me and I looked into her eyes and we said, to the other "I love you." we stayed like that until we fell asleep.