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The first time LC fell asleep my mother came into the kitchen to hover over me and look vaguely confused. “LC is kind of…. snoozing.” she announced scandalously. I think I was supposed to do more than shrug and throw her out again.

At another point I heard Mom out in the living room trying to hint around about getting her DVD player hooked up. She fished around but LC didn’t notice so she came into the kitchen to report on his latest action. I informed her he doesn’t take hints and booted her yet again. She directly asked him for help. He pretended not to notice. She came back in to report the conversation. I threw her out again.

So basically, as you can see, the day went like this.: I was cooking in the hottest kitchen on earth. Mom was getting on my nerves. LC was curled up on the couch with my mother’s cat trying desperately to stay out of the way and off everyone’s radar. Mom came into the kitchen every time he did anything to report on it. I got annoyed and tossed her out. Lather rinse repeat until the food was finally on the table.

Dinner was great. The only thing I managed to wreck were the brown and serve rolls, ironically. Everyone ate lots but it just wasn’t enough as there was even more leftover. Mom managed to lose all of her leftover containers so there was considerable shuffling over packing up the remaining food. LC thought he was escaping without leftovers which was a notion I corrected once we got back to my place. We cleaned up and got out shortly there after.