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Despite the variety of the sad attribute of the burial, it should be chosen according to certain rules: Rule 1 - Inner Voice and Feelings. It is necessary to listen to them. Only close people and friends of the deceased know what spiritual heritage he left them. Only they know which wreath will best reflect their grief and feelings of loss. If this decoration is not assigned to a loved one, it is enough to buy the classic look of this mourning product. Rule 2 - Compliance with the event. If the burial of, for example, a former soldier is supposed, then it is better to buy or order a wreath, the colors of which will be identical to the colors of the flag of the Russian Federation. Rule 3 - Strength of the frame and reliability of fastening. Wreaths placed on the grave must be of a sturdy construction that will not be damaged by wind or rain. No external influence should deform it. Rule 4 - Freshness of a wreath of real flowers. The plants that fill it must be cut a few hours before burial. This applies both to the flowers themselves and to the leaves. Rule 5 - Kind of wreaths for cremation funerals. They practically do not differ from ordinary counterparts, but they are attached exclusively to the coffin lid, therefore they do not have a large shape, they are compact. Most often it is greenery, which is located according to the gods, and flowers are neatly laid in the center. They can be round or oval. Other forms are not preferred, but are also possible. The rules are relative, they can be supplemented, because when choosing a ritual wreath, each person is based on some of his own preferences and considerations. Find out more at