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Softlock is an online browser game that is very popular and versatile. There are many different versions of Softlock, each one offering something different from the last. Users sometimes come across situations where they find themselves stuck on a level and unable to continue, sometimes due to an oversight on their part or other times because they simply cannot get past that level. If this happens, a way to unlock the game without having to restart the computer and lose all their progress is required.

This problem can be solved by unlocking the softlock on your computer. This method works well for games such as Sonic and Super Mario, which have an embedded unlock code. However, word 2016 viptoolaz , like Sonic and Mario, are not so lucky. Softlock, which is used for games that do not have an unlock code, means that players cannot go to the next level unless they have entered their code. There are many methods to enter codes into a game. We'll explain some of them below.

o Skip softlock- This is probably the most common method to get around soft locks and it is also the easiest. The method involves jumping on an invisible object and, while the screen is going black, enter a cheat code which, when executed, breaks the lock so that the game remains playable. This trick can often cause a crash and an immediate quit to your computer. If this option doesn't exist, the only alternative is to lose all progress.

o To bypass hardlock, the user must enter the cheats codes into the game. You can do this by deleting all cheat codes files. Once this is done, the game remains partially locked and the user can proceed freely. A cheats code is required to bypass a hardlock.

Via Animation Notifies - This is probably the most difficult and time-consuming way around softlock. It involves going through every folder in the system to find a cheat. This is a tedious task that is only useful for players looking to bypass softlocks in certain platform games. This involves going to the settings and selecting "Advanced" then clicking on the cheat code tab. After this, you can then enter the code of your choice, and a window will appear on the screen alerting you that your computer is busy searching for the code. You are then free to go ahead with the game, as nothing will happen if you attempt to use a softlock on this code.

o Embedded codes: These codes were impossible to bypass using soft locks. However, newer versions of the Xbox 360 console to allow the embedding of cheat codes into games, so that they can be used legitimately. This is a great option to players who want to avoid hard locks. There are many ways you can bypass a softlock, but the most efficient and safest is to use a reliable tool to remove it.