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Screw feeders have been broadly adopted within the plastics, plastics, mineral processing and agriculture businesses being an efficient and more economical way of conveying reliable cutting materials.

Even the drawdown flow pattern rides upon the screw and hopper style and design, as well as the particle styles and sizes being conveyed. Compositional variations and quality issues within the incoming flow are linked with changing dwelling times that can arise due to non uniform draw down designs.

Numerous Types of Screw Feeders

You will find three Basic Kinds of screw feeders:

Variable or Stepped Pitch

The pitch of this screw fluctuates from shorter to more since the screw expands toward the discharge of this screw feeder. With varying pitch, just about every pitch increases in length from the inlet section creating a lot more obtainable volume to its accession of bulk substances from your hopper. With stepped pitch, the flight toss changes in increments.

Tapered Outside Diameter

The outer diameter of the screw is tapered from the back of the inlet opening into the shroud producing much more obtainable volume to its accession of majority materials from your hopper.


The mass leak layout was created by Jenike & Johanson and is a mixture of variable pitch and tapered interior diameter. A tapered cone is located on the center pipe of the screw out of the rear of the inlet opening to about the center of the inlet opening. Short circuit flights are mounted on the cone producing accessible volume to its addition of bulk materials from your hopper. Variable pitch is then added to the screw open where the cone ends and continued into the release.

Screw feeders are offered in many different dimensions, lengths, configurations, and products of construction. Most screw feeders are somewhat less than 20 feet in length as using internal hanger bearings isn't encouraged. Screw feeders may be written of two, one, or practically any number of screws. A screw feeder with several screws is known as a dwell bottom screw feeder.

Multiple Diameter Screw Feeder/Conveyor

Numerous diameter screw feeder/conveyors include the screw feeder with a expansion conveyor. A more compact diameter screw feeder can be found beneath a hopper, bin, or silo and can be flood filled. The screw feeder meters exactly the majority material to the bigger diameter expansion conveyor. When the bulk materials reaches on the extension conveyor the trough loading reduces and the majority material is hauled to the discharge. Hanger bearings have been allowed in the extension as long as the trough loading is under 4-5 percent.

Stay Bottom Screw Feeder

Live underside screw feeders have been developed for usage on significant silos, bins, and hoppers with big discharge openings. The live underside screw feeder uses several feeder screws at tandem to produce a"live bottom" to protect against overheating. Majority substances are metered and pulled out evenly from your full diameter and duration of this inlet opening. Live bottom screw feeders are used on majority materials which have a tendency to pack or bridge easily.

Inclined Screw Feeders

Inclined screw feeders tubing and elevate bulk substances in hoppers, bins, or silos, and perform the exact same role as horizontal screw feeders. Yet, special care is required when developing likely screw feeders. Awareness of the leak attributes of mass substances is also vitally important for successful inclined screw feeder style and design. The angle of repose and leak ability of a bulk substance will decide on the plan of the screw feeder and the maximum angle of incline. Screening of majority stuff is required for all inclined screw feeders in front of a proper design may be created. Many CEMA-certified screw conveyor manufacturers possess testing facilities for bulk substances and will test your bulk material before determining proper inclined screw feeder layout.

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