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It's true. It has been almost a year since Dad passed away. My mom was in her mid-40's and now has to live a life without a man to talk to. It was really emotional for her to lose her husband, and I miss having Dad around to have fun with Mom. They always used to wash dishes, go for walks, watch Indian t.v drama's together. Now I have to do all that which is fine but she needs her husband for sure. 0 - 1 - Karina began to move her hips and my cock began to slide in and out of her. Soon I began to fuck her back and thrusted up in tempo with her movement. Our lovemaking was a beautifully choreographed dance and our movement flowed smoothly. Her juices began to drip down my shaft and cover my balls. Karina pushed me down on my back and began to ride me hard. Thrusting her hips back and forth, my cock felt her pussy wall tighten as she climaxed again. Grabbing her breasts and squeezing hard my manhood unleashed my seed into her sacred tunnel. Breathing hard Karina rested on my chest as my manhood slowly deflated and slid out of her. I can feel my cum slowly drip on my balls as we lay there. “I’ve always prayed that one day after receiving your seed my stomach would swell, but I am cursed.” Karina sighed as she ran her hand to her stomach.