Mother Daughter Feast (6 of 12)

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We had dinner in the dining room, as the yellow jackets were being a PITA. The wine was great, the steaks perfect, and we had a wonderful time. I kept the conversation mostly about Kaitlin and her life in New Mexico. After dinner, I slipped off to the bathroom, peed and brushed my teeth, then returned to the kitchen, where they were finishing up shoving the dishes into the washer. Kaitlin excused herself to the bathroom to “freshen up”, then Karen went. Kaitlin hugged me and gave me a nice wet kiss with a little tongue action. I could hear Karen coming down the hall and Kaitlin opened her mouth and shoved her tongue into my mouth. Karen just came over and joined us, gave me a very hot kiss with plenty of tongue, then turned to Kaitlin and gave her the same...a steaming hot kiss with lots of tongue action. “This is going to be fun!” I thought. 0 - 1 - The next morning, Red tells Anna that it is time for her special drink and Anna gets in position with no argument. Red fills Anna's mouth several times and when she is done, Anna licks her pussy clean. After breakfast, the women shower together, making sure that Red is clean, inside and out, finishing by giving her pussy a fresh shave. While Anna is shaving Red's pussy, she smiles and tells Red that she loves her long clit and pussy lips. "I tried to stretch them as much as I could, just like you asked, after I pierced them like yours." After breakfast, Anna leads us to the room with the wall and wastes no time shoving her tits through the holes. Once she is secured, I explain what will happen.