My Love Life Chapter 4 Jude and Eve

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Of course Cat had expected Jade to be mean, but she had been hoping for funny-mean, not mean-mean. And then Jade had pretended she had an infection from pulling a fingernail off, which was being mean-mean-mean, because Jade knew how much Cat hated it when she pretended she was hurt. 0 - 1 - After shooting my load deep into Jude, she climbed down, and the redhead took hold of my now shrinking rod and started to lick off the cum still left on me. She then lowered her mouth over my cock and sucked me dry. After a few minutes of the redhead giving me the best blowjob, I have ever had, I was hard again. By that time the blonde was sitting on my right and wanted to share my dick with the redhead. Both girls licked up each side of my now stiff manhood, and they kissed each other using their tongues. The blonde stood up and leaned over the couch with her ass in the air. Jude said, “Rex fuck that blonde bitch good”. With that the blonde gave Jude a dirty look and gave me a naughty smile and wiggled her finger as if to say come here. Between the weed, sex, and beer; when I got up, I was light headed. I staggered over to the blonde and shoved my cock into her very wet pussy. She moaned, “Take me”. And that I did. She pushed back against my rod as I jack-hammered that pussy. The blonde was quite vocal. She almost screamed, “FUCK ME HARD” “MAKE ME CUM” and “I WANT YOU TO FILL ME UP”. Until then I never heard another woman be that vocal when I fucked her. Most of the time with other girls I fucked we were quiet because we were around other people.