Please stay Daddy

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I quietly went back down stairs knowing they were plotting to all 3 fuck me. I went out and camped out on the patio reading my book. The boys came down and told me they were going to the club house. Once again I followed them and listened in. I could not hear very well but they were once again looking at the porno magazines and beating off. I guess that is what boys do! They would get to the edge and back off. Then they'd do it again. Trevor shouted, "Have my baby Tara! You fucking whore!" I was so horny and could not stand it any longer so I headed back to the house. I was rubbing my soaked pussy on the verge of Cumming. 0 - 1 - We were bad for each other. She would get drunk night after night. We would fight. Have sex. Sick situation. She would throw me out. I would come back. Then the sex stopped. I think it was all of a sudden. One night we fucked like rabbits. The next night it was over. I didn't want her. She was indifferent. The fighting never stopped. I wanted her to quit drinking. She wanted me to go to hell. Then we fought about not having sex. I was having an affair. She was certain. I was sticking my dick in someone else. She wasn't good enough. Get the fuck out!!! Nothing could be farther from the truth. I wanted her. I wanted her to quit drinking. I wanted to care for her and the girls.