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"A friend of mine wants his girlfriend to dress like a porn star and do what a porn star would. Pornography is now so accessible. The guys here are watching it on their smartphones right in the classroom or on the bus." These are the words of a 17-year-old from a recent British government investigation into sexual harassment and sexual abuse in schools. Pornography has been accused of badly affecting relationships - especially between young people. But for some reason, research on the subject is more likely to concern adults. And their results are contradictory. Watching porn leads men to lose interest in their partners, warned Douglas Kenrick in a 1989 study. That work had a huge impact on the subsequent work of psychologists, says Rhonda Balzarini, a graduate student at Western Ohio University. However, in November last year, she conducted a similar study (more precisely, a series of three studies), only there were 10 times more participants - 150 heterosexual women and 400 heterosexual men. And challenged Kenrick's findings. It is said that pornography is bad for relationships - especially between young people Balzarini showed men and women magazine spreads with nudity of the opposite sex and, for comparison, photographs of dressed people and abstract images. She found no differences in how the porno magazines influenced the subsequent relationships of various subjects with their partners. However, as Balzarini admits, the results of the studies may differ because Kenrick conducted his in 1989, when the volume and content of pornography was very different. But a study conducted in May of this year showed that if a person started watching porn films, wait for a divorce. After examining three sets of data from all-American polls between 2006 and 2014, scientists concluded that the likelihood of divorce doubles for those Americans who start watching porn. However, it has not been established whether pornography led to the subsequent divorce, or poor family relations became the reason that the person turned to watching porn films. By the way, you can look at something interesting at