Rape in afghan2

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Christina spent a fitful night. Every time she turned or stretched, she was painfully aware of her wrists chained to her new nipple rings. As before, a short chain held her leather collar, which she was quite unable to reach with her chained hands, to the head of the bed. Further, she could feel her two breasts chained together with a loose festoon of chain with a larger link in the middle, and from this across her body and legs presumably to the foot of the bed. The helmet was replaced by the original ball gag, so her pretty mouth was now sore and distorted from the various gags she had worn. 0 - https://koreansex.top/ 1 - https://koreansex.top/c/arab/ The Arab stared first at him and then at the uniformed figure on the ground, his confusion evident in his face. Before he replied, he knelt beside the body to confirm that this indeed was a woman. Since the heavy ceramic protective vest covered her breasts in a hard shell, the Arab thrust the palm of his hand against the vee of her open legs, searching for evidence of her sex. He found it and nodded to Kehalis. She was indeed a woman, and, though her uniform hid her body as effectively as any burkha, she was, if he could judge by her unveiled face, a very beautiful woman. The Arab checked the pulse at her slender neck. It was strong. He decided that she could not be seriously injured; there was, after all, no blood visible on her except for some small cuts on her face. She appeared to him to simply have been stunned by the blast from the RPG round. He stood and faced Kehalis again, his mind racing, trying to accept what his eyes and hands had told him. Once he managed to comprehend that they had indeed captured an American Army woman, it did not take the Arab long to decide what was to be done with her. Even this situation had been foreseen and provided for by Islamic law. And the Law was quite specific. Slowly a wolfish smile came to his face.