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I kneel above you, my ass over the plastic cock I slowly lower myself on to it and it penetrates me slowly. I’m down sat astride you and start to rock slowly as we both enjoy the feeling of the double ender in us, you reach down and start to wank my hard cock as I hump up and down on yours, I’m begging you to make me cum, you are now pushing up into me and wanking me fast as we both start to build up to our shared orgasm, you tell me you like fucking your dirty slut in the ass and you want me to cum, as we both cum together I can feel the juices flooding from your pussy as I shoot squirt after squirt of my hot spunk on your tits and stomach, I lean forwards and lick at one of your nipples my mouth is coated with my cum I can taste it on my tongue you pull me to you and we kiss as you run your tongue into my mouth and we share the taste of my cum. 0 - 1 - Later, Yana asked me to stand behind her and hold her as Kaylene licked her cunt while she stood with her legs apart. Looked wonderful in the wall mirrors. Reminded me of the first time you licked me standing up and how I squirted for you.