Sexual Shenanigans of the Trump Administration: Candace Owens and Erin Perrine

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She wears a black dress with the hem-line a few inches above the knee. Two shades of black vertical lines running the full length of her dress. Two of these lines truncate from her throat to her beasts exposing a black lace bra..., and a strong hint of cleavage. 0 - 1 - Erin slowed her walk, pretending that there were a dozen men behind her, following her up the stairs. She imagined them all watching her…whispering among themselves…talking about her body…straining for an upskirt glimpse of her shiny, pink, g-string…admiring her stiletto heels and curvy leg muscles…wanting her…wanting to caress her long blonde hair…wanting to squeeze her big, juicy tits…wanting to stroke her sexy fetish stockings…wanting to fuck the round ass hidden underneath that hip-hugging, black denim miniskirt…wanting her…wanting to take her…over and over…again and again.