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Open Fields • Imagine yourself standing in a large area, simply off the sting of a forest, mendacity within the grass and staring up at the bright blue sky. And in your benefit, no buzzing bees anyplace around you. Clear • Nothing strikes contained in the white room. The medication is working, that is all you need know. The medical doctors stated that every little thing is underneath management. Imposter Hoodies, Impostor Hoodies, Among Us Souvenier, Of The Sacred • Gently undulating chorus sustains a delicate and deep peace.
Rainy Urban Night • A lazy drizzle settles over the city panorama, driving nearly everybody to retire inside for the evening. With the changing lights and the sound of the occasional passing automotive as your companions, you end up at peace in the midst of what's going to be chaos solely hours from now. (Feel free to turn down the Twin Black Lodges slider when you'd prefer a non-musical experience). Rpg Tavern • Your weary band of adventurers enters the Blackbird's Respite, a preferred tavern. among us drawing roaring fireplace within the nook provides welcome warmth, and the friendly sounds of human life attain your ears.
Sustaining/sustained music for working into the evening. In the distance, you possibly can hear the rumble of a waterfall as you take in the environment of this stunning retreat.
Magic Icy Bells For Focus • With a blackbird instructing you in the way to live with joy. Shade • Liquid darkness reduces the light. Figures disappear in the depth of shadows.
Steampunk Rpg Soundscape • Somewhere underground in Victorian-period London, there are factories stuffed with steam and clockwork. Bring your Steampunk RPG to life with this distinctive soundscape. Hyper Focus • I have ADHD and I discover this fusion useful when I have to give attention to the task at hand. Adjust the rain ranges to compensate for outdoor noise. London Train • Heading to town and it's another wet day in the South-East of England. The excellent opportunity to get your nose in a guide whilst the houses, parks and stations whizz by your window.