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Sale and purchase of a house, apartment, other premises

A real estate purchase and sale transaction formalizes the process of selling and acquiring a house, apartment or other premises. It doesn't matter what you agreed with the other party "in words". Only what is stated in the agreement matters. The real estate terms and conditions are what really matters.

We will not even remind you that the purchase and sale of a house, apartment, or any other premises is concluded exclusively in writing with obligatory notarization. Also, the subsequent state registration of rights to a house, apartment or other premises is mandatory. State registration is carried out by a notary on the spot and directly at the conclusion of the transaction. These things are self-evident.

An agreement of intent or a prior sale and purchase agreement does not predetermine the transfer of ownership. But such preliminary agreements usually contain significant penalties. Studying them before signing is a must!

To order a lawyer's departure to any region of the country, please contact Our lawyers are your legal protection in real estate transactions. An order for legal support of transactions can be placed online or by contacting phone numbers.

How to tell if a real estate lawyer is a good one?

A real estate situation in which you need help may involve a large sum of money, and there may be a roof over your head at stake. Of course, it is impossible to entrust the solution of such a problem to anyone. But how do you know that you have a good real estate lawyer if you haven't worked with this person before? Specialization . It is better to initially choose a lawyer who specializes specifically in housing law and real estate issues. Focusing on one or two areas of law allows a specialist to thoroughly study all the nuances of legislation in these areas. Work experience . The advantages of a specialist with many years of experience and hundreds of successful cases are undeniable. Make sure that the lawyer you choose has continuous practice for at least a few years. Find out if he has a recommendation. Ask him to tell if he has encountered situations similar to yours. These are the foundational points. If at least one of these criteria is missing, the correct decision will be to continue searching. If you are facing an experienced lawyer who has chosen housing law as a priority, then you also should not immediately agree to all of his proposals. When meeting in person, pay attention to the specialist's behavior. Is he ready to delve into your problem in detail, or did he tell you the cost of the work right off the bat and refused to continue the conversation without prepayment? In the same way, if a person, without listening to you, immediately guarantees the success of the case, then he is most likely a charlatan. Be very careful when choosing a specialist! You can find out more on the offers access to the Microsoft 365 software product. This portal allows downloading office apps on your 32 or 64-bit system. Microsoft 365 or Office 365 is multiple products collections in one software that is available at

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Advantages of radio control overhead crane

Here is a list of the main advantages that radio control of a crane with a beam from gives The load is very precisely lowered and raised, positioned in place, and from the cab it is much more difficult for the crane operator to accurately position the load in the right place, especially at high working heights. The crane moves freely, its speed does not slow down even when working in heavily loaded warehouses, because the operator sees the territory, and is better oriented, easier to move around the object than if he was in the cab. The movement of cargo on the territory of the facility is carried out along the optimal trajectory, under the full control of the operator, who at the same time can be not only a crane operator, but also a slinger. From one control panel, the operator can control two cranes in turn, switching from crane to crane, for example, when it comes to a large workshop or work site, where it is necessary to simultaneously control several cranes at once. With the rare lifting and movement of small loads throughout the workshop, it is much more convenient to use the remote control than to the crane operator to climb into the cab every time or be there all the time. Personnel safety is improved and working conditions are generally improved as the operator works from the ground. Here it is possible to automatically control the area where the operator is located, for example, if he enters a dangerous area, the crane will automatically stop and no one will be hurt. The system is compatible with any crane, it is enough to connect the control module to the electric drive, and the entire configuration of the crane operation will be saved, the operating parameters will remain the same, but the flexibility will be significantly increased. The profitability of the enterprise will increase due to the absence of a crane operator who would have to be trained and trained. Crane operator, slinger and auxiliary worker can now be represented as one worker. In addition, the number of idle runs of the crane is reduced, and this again adds to the economy.

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