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Can Cash app customer service delete account activity?

.No, not at all. Even, there is no option to delete account activity. You can see that your all details are secure here as well as your transaction history is also private. But, if you want to delete your activity feed due to any reason, then you need to talk with the Cash app customer service about it. They can offer you an alternative for it.

Does Cash app customer service advise me if an account gets checked?

At whatever point you are applying to confirm your character on the Cash app, at that point you will likewise get a warning of further advances. All things considered, you have to check your record, on the off chance that you need to go through more cash, or you need to utilize extra services on it. You just need to enter your complete name, date of birth, last four digits of SSN. In the event that there is an issue, contact Cash app customer service.

Safe Weight Loss Methods

You can both lose weight quickly and without harming your health, while also improving the quality of your life. 100% of overweight people have difficulty in fasting. So please refer to "How to lose weight safely at home by morning routine to help you quickly get back in shape you want" today!

1. A safe way to lose weight is to drink 1 cup of warm water when you wake up There are 3 ways to choose from both a way to lose weight and to purify the body. It's every morning when you wake up (you can brush your teeth first or not): • Drink 300 -350ml of warm water mixed with half a lemon and 1 teaspoon of honey • Drink 300ml of warm water mixed with 1 teaspoon of turmeric starch and 1 teaspoon of honey • Drink 350ml of warm water.

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With these 3 ways, you will help wake up the stomach, increase blood circulation, and help organs work better. You will limit the feeling of hunger after many hours of not eating. So the weight loss effect will increase without worrying about hypoglycemia.

2. A safe way to lose weight is morning jogging You can walk or jog as much as you want, but exercising in the morning will help your body flush out more toxins, helping you avoid cravings. When exercising, you tend to like to eat cool, liquid foods, which both help with good electrolytes and limit foods that are harmful to your weight.

3. A safe way to lose weight is sleep While sleeping in water may not sound right, but it is a completely scientific weight loss action. According to the latest research, the rate of people who are obese because of insomnia is gradually increasing. If you do not get 8 hours of sleep a day, do not need to think about exercise yet, turn off the alarm clock, and continue your sleep. The fact that you sleep well enough with biological time will contribute to minimizing your appetite.

4. A safe way to lose weight is sunbathing If you want to lose weight, or take the time to sunbathe before 9:00 in winter and before 7:00 in the summer. Early morning sunlight is very good for the skin and body, helping the metabolism to take place more smoothly. The ability to convert excess fat from the body is fully exploited by the morning sun. According to the latest statistics, for those who regularly sunbathe in the morning and those who don't; people who usually sunbathe in the morning have a lower BMI than those who do not sunbathe in the morning. BMI is the index of human fitness.

5. A safe way to lose weight is to meditate before breakfast Before breakfast, you should meditate for 10 minutes, focusing as much as possible on your breathing. You inhale deeply and exhale with inhalation time. Meditating mind will help the body relax, reduce the desire for food, help people regain a better determination.

6. How to lose weight with a nutritious breakfast 60% of obese people usually do not eat breakfast or eat very little breakfast. Studies also show that, if you don't want to become obese, eat plenty of protein and nutrients in the morning instead of lunch and dinner portions. That is, you will load a large amount of protein, calories, protein in the morning and then snack at lunch, dinner can eat corn soup or dishes from green vegetables.

7. A safe way to lose weight is to change vehicles If you're commuting to work in a private car, or stop by, switch to bus. Going to work by bus helps you move more, sit less. Excess fat accumulation will be reduced thanks to this new habit. Over time your weight will drop significantly.

You can also follow an regimen to help you lose weight

How to lose weight safely at home helps you concretize your habits as well as your routine. This is a very scientific suggestion for you who are trying to lose weight. Hopefully the article: "How to lose weight safely at home by morning routine helps you quickly get back in shape you want" will bring great results for you.

What is Cushion? How to use 4-in-1 Beauty Powder

Cushion is a 4-in-1 product: , , foundation and concealer.

Join me in finding out the details of Cushion in this article, to know why she is so hot.

What is Cushion? Cushion is the English term for foundation creams (CC cream / BB cream) in the form of water (water powder), placed in a small, convenient, round box. The inside of this case is a sponge (soft, spongy, with air holes) containing the foundation in it.

Each time you want to use, users just need to gently press the sponge to absorb the cream, then spread evenly on the face.

Although Cushion was born in 2008 by a Korean corporation, it was not until 2012 that made a storm in the Vietnamese beauty market.

Great benefits of Cushio n: Cushion has many uses in beauty. Some advantages can be mentioned as:

Saving Of course. A 4 in 1 product will save you a lot of resources. Although Cushion cannot completely replace specialty products, by using cushion, you will use less other things (like sunscreen, moisturizer, foundation ...)

In addition, cushion is also designed so that users only use the right amount each time the foam is pressed. Don't worry about using too much and wasting.

Easy to use, safe and convenient You don't need to use your hands, brush or machine to apply the cream all over the face - these are all very irritating things. Instead, cushion's soft and thick sponge will be much safer and more convenient.

In addition, with the palm-sized size, you can rest assured to bring the cushion with you anywhere without having to worry about your furniture.

And a special feature of cushion is that most of the cushion types on the market have a small mirror attached. Too convenient, right? So there's no need to spend an extra slot for the mirror.

For busy people, lazy to make-up Cushion will save you a lot of make-up time. You will not need to spend hours make-up in front of the mirror. Just a layer of water powder from cushion spread evenly over the face, you have a white skin and conceal blemishes on the face. Of course not to be gorgeous like a professional make-up, but it only takes 5 - 10 minutes to prepare, the results are not bad, right?

Moisturizing, sunscreen and cooling for the skin The foundation in cushion is composed of mineral water, helping to moisturize the skin very well when used. In addition, because of water, so cushion will not squash skin, clog pores and cause acne like other foundation creams on the market.

The mineral water in cushion also helps reduce skin heat when you just go out in the sun As well as helping the skin to reduce the influence of UVB rays.

How to use Cushion? To use Cushion properly and achieve high results, please note the following three steps:

Step 1: Apply Cushion on the sponge Use a cotton ball to gently blot on a cushion containing Cushion.

The pad itself has been perfectly designed so you can get the required amount of cushion each time. So please note that just lightly blotting is enough.

Do not press too deeply or move around like a wax. That would be wasteful but also ineffective.

Step 2: Cushion evenly all over the face Gently spread the absorbent cotton ball over the skin areas of the face. You also don't have to rub your skin too hard, it will easily cause unnecessary damage. Apply while patting all over the face so that the Cushion can absorb more quickly into the skin.

Step 3: Create thickness At this point you can decide to create a thick cushion if the skin has many flaws or a gentle layer, however you want.

Step 4: Use other products Finally, you can apply a thin layer of sunscreen or moisturizer, and that's it. Source:


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