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"Sit down Dad." I said to my father, extremely terrified. He knew right away what this conversation was going to be about. "Dad.... The babies are mine," I confessed to him. "Oh my God!!" he yelled at the top of his lungs. "How could you be so irresponsible. You've ruined your life and these two young women's lives!" he contined screaming. "Dad, it's not like that. All throughout high school Nina, Nancy, and I have been having sex while using protection." I explained. "Than how did you wind up getting these two girls pregnant?" he asked. "It's a long story." I said. "Well, it better be a very good explanation, because your miter is going to decide your fate tonight."

I told my father the truth, and nothing but. I told him how Ms. Daniels had forced the twins and I to have unprotected sex on graduation day, and how she threatened us with not graduating that day if we didn't. "That is quite a story son, it better be the same story you tell your mother tonight when she gets home." He said striking fear into my heart.

Three hours later, my moms headlights of her car pulled Ito my driveway. My mind again began racing. The door knob began to turn on the front door, an my mom walked in and saw the twins, my father and myself sitting on the couch. "Hello!! Nina! Nancy! How are you two?" my mom said excitedly. "Don't get too excited honey, our son has a story to tell you." My father said reluctantly. "Sit down Mom." I said.

Again, I told my mother the same story I had told my father. This was the worst day of my life. "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THIS!" My mom screamed louder than my father did earlier. "You should have went right to the principal and than the police young man." She continued yelling. "You have disgrace this family Jeff." My mother continued to argue. I just sat in the couch with my hands covering my face, while holding back tears I did not want the twins, or my father too see. "Girls, I don't blame any of Jeff's actions on you, you two have been great for the four ears we have known you." My father said to them. "No Richard! Don't give these two sluts the benefit of the doubt! They have just as much irresponsibility as Jeff. As a matter of fact, how does your family feel about this situation ladies?" My mother asked.

The twins explained how they were kicked out of their house and not given a place to stay. "Mom..." I said "Don't blame any of this on them, I take full responsibility for this situation and I'm willing to accept any punishment you or God hands me." I finished. "Good, I want you out of this house by next week." my mother said. I sat on the couch, absolutely stunned. My mother had just told me to leave her house, and put a stamp on when it needed to be done. I left the room and went to my bedroom. As I left the room I heard my father say, "Honey, there is no need to kick him or the girls out." At least I knew someone was starting to come around to this new life.

I stared at the two blessing I had been given. I looked at my closet, saw all of my clothes, and already started packing. Nina and Nancy came in my room and I turned to them. Both girls had started crying when they looked me in the eyes. "What are we going to do Jeff!" Nancy bellowed. "I'm going to start packing, and we're going to look for an apartment together. We'll get through this together girls." That night was shaping up to be a very long one. I let Nina and her child, Kyle, have my bed for the night. Nancy and her daughter, Selena, took the couch across from me in the living room. Nancy and I sat up all night, talking, sharing stories of college and the twins trip to Italy.

"How are we going to find a place to live Jeff?" She asked me at 1:30 A.M. "Newspaper, online, I don't know, something like that." I said. I went Ito the kitchen and grabbed the latest newspaper we had in the house. I flipped to the apartment pages and looked at the type of rent we were expecting to pay. Nancy and I sat up for about two hour looking through pictures and descriptions of apartments and their rent prices. 1,500 dollars a month was the cheapest we had found. On the upside, it came with a bathroom and two bedrooms. The area that it was located in was not the best however. We figured we could look at this apartment anyway, and decide as three people together if this was a good start for our children to grow up in. How long we were going to be in this apartment, we had no idea. We also had no idea how we were going to pay for this.

After Nancy, and I were finished looking for apartments, we tried going to sleep. Selena, My baby daughter was sleeping on the couch next to Nancy, and I smiled at the sight. I thought I could get used to this situation now. Beside, I was looking for an excuse to get out of this house, and now it was my opportunity to do so. "Can't sleep huh?" I heard from the stairs. It was Nina. "Nope." Nancy and I said together. "Me neither" she stated. "We looked at apartments Nina." Nancy told her sister. "That's nice, I'm horny guys....Really fucking horny." Nina said. Nancy and I laughed and looked at each other and suddenly our looks got serious. We had realized we were horny too.

My parents were upstairs, so the best spot in the house for a good fuck was the basement. We practically ran to the basement, while taking our clothes off. The babies were still sleeping, and our libidos were crazy for each other. My dick was hard just thinking about having sex with these girls when I now knew that my parents would hate it so much. We opened the door to the basement and walked down the creaky stairs. I looked back towards the stairs to watch Nina and Nancy finish walking down the stairs. Their tits were bouncing up and down. So perky, fresh with motherhood. The more I thought about it the more I realized that the twins were now MIlFS. We walked to the couch we had in the basement. Nina grabbed my shoulders and pushed me towards the couch. She immediately spread her legs and sat on my lap. I felt her wet pussy through her panties and my boxers. "Wow..." I said. "You need to get fucked hard don't you?" I continued. "No.. I'm going to fuck the shit out of you Jeff." Nina said.

"No.. We're going to fuck the shit out of him." Nancy said from my fathers workbench. I wondered what she was doing over at the workbench, but I was a little too busy with an extremely horny girl to really care. Nina and I were making out with such passion, and it felt amazing to rub the crevace of her back just above her ass. I put my hands on her hips and said "let's do this hard babe." "Stand up Jeff." Nina said. Nancy walked over to the couch. I suddenly remembered that the couch was also a pull out bed, and threw the cushions away to te other side of the room. Nancy was hiding something behind her back, and I was ordered by the twins to lay on the bare mattress.

Nancy pulled what she had from behind her back out, and it was four pieces of rope. "Why do you have rope?" I asked. "Like I said, we're going to fuck the shit out of you." Nancy said. I lied down on the bed, and Nancy tied the rope around my wrists and ankles to the metal supports that the pull out bed had. I thought to myself that this was going to be an insane fuck. What did these girls learn in Italy? Whatever it was, this was completely different from what te three of us had done in the past.

I was tied down pretty damn tight. My cock was sticking straight up and my desire to touch myself was never higher at any point than the next few moments. Nina and Nancy were teasing me, by touching my dick ever so gently and rubbing the back of their hands down my thighs. The next thing that the twins had done, they had never done, at least in front of me. The twins started to kiss! I was amazed and wanted to get inside one of them at the moment. I had never felt like more of an animal than I did at the moment. Nina and Nancy were moaning eer so lowly as their lips opened and closed on each others. Their rubbed their hands across each others abdomens and breasts.

I wanted to cum so bad. They were teasing me, and I hated it, but I was tied down very tight. Nina and Nancy than started to finger each other in their pussies. Nina and Nancy were sixty nining each other and were really getting into it. "You girls are teasing the shit out of me and I can't stand it." I said. The twins laughed and I chuckled a bit too. Nina and Nancy were bringing each other to orgasms, and I could tell they were really enjoying it. "Where did you ladies learn how to get each other off?" I asked. Nina stopped licking her sisters pussy and said, "We've been doing this for years Jeff. We get each other off at least every other week." "Wow, you learn something new about someone everyday!" I said.

"I'm cumming!!" Nina moaned loudly. I was ready to explode. The slightest touch was probably going to set me off and have my cum shooting out like a rocket. "One of you better fuck me now, I'm tired of this torture." I said. The twins looked at me and simultaneously said, "Aww." "He's begging Nancy," Nina said. "We should probably help him out." Nancy continued. Nina and Nancy crawled from the foot of the bed up to my critch. Nina gripped the base of my dick and slowly began to stroke up and down. Nancy hovered over my dick and spit on it, slowly dropping her saliva onto her sisters hand and my cock. "Ahhhh," I moaned. The feeling of the warm saliva rushed through me, and suddenly as Nina's hand was jerking up and down, there was a mixture of cold on the tip of my cock.

Nancy and I were still really close, and felt in love with each other, even after her long absence in Italy. I knew I wanted her to ride me like the professional I knew she was. However, at that moment I didn't care which twin rode me, so I said, "One of you better get on this dick. Nancy you first, please do something." Nancy finally mounted me, but when I thought I was going to be inside her pussy, she shoved my extremely hard cock in her ass. "Woahhh, she said. "Ahhh it's just as tight as I remembered." I said. Nancy slapped me, across the face and said, "shut the fuck up, this is our show."

My cock penetrated Nancy's asshole, and I almosted busted a nut right there. Nancy moaned loudly, so loudly that I thought she was going to wake my parents up. She was riding my cock so well, and the more I wished he would keep going, the slower she got, and it was torturing me. Nancy wa getting tired of crouching and riding my cock in her ass and leaned over me and whispered in my ear "My pussy is so wet I'm going to make you fuck me do damn good." My eyes rolled to the back of my head, and I my cock escape the warmth of her ass. She made a slight adjustment and came down on my cock, her pussy was definitely looser than I remembered it, because of the baby. However, her pussy was extremely wet, and she was able to slide up and down on my dick very easily.

"Oh God...." she said. "You like fucking that pussy?" she asked. I was choked up, having a hard time to not cum. Nina than muttered, "Eat me Jeff." I motioned my head in a " Get that sexy ass over here way." Nina crawled per to my face lifted her legs and sat on my face, with her face in front of Nancy's. The fact of having to eat out Nina was now getting my mind off of almost cunning while Nancy was riding me. Nina wa moaning softly as my to tongue was moving rapidly. I was so used to using my fingers to assist me in getting the twins off, so I was determined to get Nina off with just my tongue.

"Ahhh," Nina moaned, with my tongue deep inside her pussy. I had read an article that trying to spell things out while you're down on a girl would get her off, so I started working that into it. My tongue was getting tired really quickly though. I stopped licking her pussy and started kissing her upper back thighs, just under her ass cheeks. "ahhhh I'm cumming!!!" I heard Nancy cry. I stopped eating Nina out and felt Nancy's familiar pussy clamp down on my shaft and try to force my cum out of me. I didn't have a distraction and I was on the edge of cumming, when Nancy got off of me. "What are you doing?" I asked in a huff of breath. "This is torture Jeff." Nina said. "Yeaaaa you're our slave for This session." Nancy finished.

At this point I was recovering from my ear orgasm, the pressure that was built up in my testicles had me doing and upward motion like I was still fucking Nancy. Nina had gone down towards my cock, I thought she was going to mount my cock, and finally have me cum, but she sat there between my legs and was entry slapping my cock left and right. Nina teased me terribly, "Hmm, I think he should stay tied up down ere for the rest of the night." She said. Nancy was on my side, and said "No, I want to swallow his cum tonight." My cock twitched after she said this and I demanded Nina to get in my cock.

"Hey, Nina... I know your a cock hungry slut." I said. She got off the bed walked over to my face and again I received a slap. "Now Jeffrey..." She said, "You're going to beg for me to get on you." She said. "No way, just get on my cock." I said. "Well sis I think we're done here for the night." Nina said. "I guess so." Nancy said. They stood up and walked towards their bras and panties.

"Wait...please Nina... I need your pussy. I need that wonderful pussy to wet my dick and slide easily up and down." I begged. The twins laughed and I gave then a puppy dog look from my tied up position. The twins dropped their bras and panties and started walking back to the pull out bed. "I knew you knew better Jeff." Nina said. Nina sat on my cock. The warmth of her ass covered my dick and I could have came immediately. Nancy lowered her hips on my face. I felt Nancy's pussy lips hit my lips and I was licking them immediately. "Mmmm." Nancy said as I ate her out. I licked in circular motions the best I could in order to distract me from the tightness of Nina's asshole. All of the sudden I heard "Ahhhhh his cock is too big for my ass." Nina moaned. "Ahhh" I moaned as I felt the feeling of my cum starting to erupt. I held back a little longer. "Don't worry sis. It will be alright." Nancy said. I looked between Nancy's legs and saw the twins interlocking lips and getting very into it.

"I'm cuuuu-mmmm-innggg!" Nina yelled. All of the sudden I felt a small pool of her pussy juice fall on my hips. "Aw yessss Nina. I'm glad I got you off first cuz I'm really close." I admitted. Nina and Nancy got out of the positions they were in and went down towards my groin area. "Lick the cum up Nina left on me girls." I said. The girls obliged and licked above my cock and just user the abdomen. I was in shock. It tickled, but felt amazing.

"Alright girls its my turn." I said. Nina and Nancy went bak towards my fully erect, rock hard dick. The girls sucked my cock with their lips on each side. Nancy's tongue massaged near my dicks tip, while Nina was more towards the middle. "I'm cumming!!" I finally yelled. Nina grabbed my cock and as my cum shot out, she moved my cock left and right. One shot went up and landed on Nina's face. Than another on Nancy's to the left. Two more cumshots shot out and landed on each girls face. It was the biggest load I have ever had. Something about being tied up made the orgasm even better.

"Girls that was the most intense orgasm I have ever had." I confessed. The twins smiled at me and than each other. With my spunk hanging from their faces, the twins kissed each other and more cum started to leak out of my cock. The twins swallowed the loads they had received and than each girl took a quick hard suck of my dick, trying to get the rest of my cum out.

The twins finally untied my hands and feet and we got back into our pajamas. We walked up the stairs and admitted to ech other we were tired. "Girls, it's 3 A.M... We should get some sleep." I said. "Besides, we need to go apartment hunting tomorrow morning." I said. Nina went back to my room and Nancy and I went back to the couch. I slept with Nancy on the same couch with her in my arms, and the newspaper on the coffee table in the living room.