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Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoid Cream

Hemorrhoid Cream

In a team with watercress, my 26 year old sister shared her experience in hemorrhoid surgery.

Hemorrhoids surgery has been more than ten days. I'm still embarrassed when I think of surgery.

I've had hemorrhoids for five or six years. It's not particularly serious. Unfortunately, my colleague hung up recently, consulted his consultation and operation process, and finally went to the hospital with my mother to see hemorrhoids. The doctor simply understood my symptoms, took me to my room, unbuttoned my pants, and posed me in this position.

(remove from the hospital wall).

After the examination, the doctor said it was a mixed hemorrhoid. It was best to remove it and agreed to operate the day after tomorrow. (David Ashe).

On the day of the operation, I came to the nurse station with a nervous mood. My sister hung water with a needle and asked me to sit in line at the door of the operating room. I found that many people have hemorrhoids surgery. Packed. (David Ashe).

I'm not particularly serious because external hemorrhoids are large and internal hemorrhoids are small. Only "local anesthesia" is required. So I easily talked to my sisters on my mobile phone, listened to the doctor and began taking drugs.

Ah, ah, ah! I didn't expect the injection to hurt so much. I thought to myself, "chrysanthemum is dying! Then, there was the second and third gunshot, and the whole operating room was full of pigs. The witch doctor stabbed me in the chrysanthemum area, asked me if I had intuition, and then stabbed the fourth needle. Gradually, the drugs began to work, and my ass felt less and less. The doctor said you were afraid of pain, so I called you more. So the Compositae injected five.

During the operation, I talked to the doctor and finished the operation in about an hour. My Compositae recovered well after the operation and was discharged from the hospital on the fifth day after the operation. Every day, my ass was sealed. I shit for the first time after the operation. I'm jabala. My ass hurts so much that I can't squat. (William Shakespeare, Hamlet) Sealing and applying medicine can cure the wound. Wash your ass with traditional Chinese medicine every time, and then seal it.