The Beginning Of A Great Summer Part 4

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She laid there shaking and in tears of pleasure before saying "that was intense babes! Haven't cum like that since that night with Lindsey". I crawled up on top of her and kissed her letting Stacey sample the taste of her horny pussy, "I can smell and taste my pussy on you babes" she giggled as she kissed me again only more deeper and slower as she tasted and savoured her fabulous pussy and arse. I replied "you smell and taste so extremely sexy Stace! You know I love your beautiful natural scent" as I then made my way down to her large heavy tits and sucked on her swollen erect nipples making her moan softly. My straining cock was still in my jeans but pressed against her hot juicy pussy and I could feel the heat from it as I began to rub myself against her showing what I now craved so badly. 0 - 1 - I thrusted my hips and legs up so my cock would go deep inside his ass. I kept pounding and pounding. This was fucking hot. Jeff kept moaning and grunting so loudly. The pleasure we both got. He started jerking his cock. I pound even harder and deeper. We were both sweating. His hairy hole was so tight and warm I was about to bust. I said, “UHH Jeff im gonna cumm Uuhh.