The One Night Stand! (over 18 Only)

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The girl was from Eastern Europe and when she raised her right hand to shake mine I glimpsed a thick wisp of hair under her armpit. I blushed, feeling self-conscious, like some kind of pervert. But had I just tricked myself? Did I actually feel the reverse -- that razing off body hair was perverse? So in the maelstrom of this inner turmoil and deep confusion, we went on a date and at its end headed for my dormitory. My date joked about American men who had circumcised penises, which to her feels all the same, because when you’re not circumcised you still need to draw your foreskin down before proceeding to having sex, but for the guys it must be different. “They must be losing a hell lot of sensitivity on the tip,” she said jovially. 0 - 1 - Oh, well that is a good reason to come to the States. I am sure you enjoy running around in your bikinis half of the year too, teasing all the guys." Said Kevin trying to make her laugh.