The Rear Window - 1

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She wears a black dress with the hem-line a few inches above the knee. Two shades of black vertical lines running the full length of her dress. Two of these lines truncate from her throat to her beasts exposing a black lace bra..., and a strong hint of cleavage. 0 - 1 - The reply from Jake’s friend was satisfying. It consisted of one word and probably a hundred emojis underscoring Nate’s reaction to seeing his friend's neighbor. Jake just sat there, occasionally looking out the window at the activity outside, the woman was back on the chaise and the boys had devoured the food and were back in the pool. Nate was begging for more images, clearly distracted from whatever class he was in. Jake alternated between looking out the window and replying to his friend with the occasional shot of the hot MILF on the chaise when one of the boys shouted over to her wanting her to join them in the pool. The kids had acquired a ball and were engaged in a modified version of aqua volleyball but were complaining they were one player short.