The Slaver's Retaliation

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We all talked for about an hour, then one of the girls ran back to get an iPod dock stereo thing and it started playing music. Of course the drummer was the first to jump up and dance and the 2 blonde girls joined him. Then I stood up and the brunette joined me. We danced. The trumpet player and heavy girl just talked and laughed at us, especially the drummer, who danced like a gay Jamaican bartender or something. It was ridiculous! He would like twerk and shit, start booty dancing. But it definitely worked, the girls were all laughing. I just did the white people dance. Like when you take two steps to the right and two to the left and snap your fingers. But when gangnam style came the brunette taught me how to dance! That was our jam lol. She would like start grinding on me and stroke my cock between her ass cheeks. Pretty good stuff lol. The drummer was the middle of a sandwich with the two girls. They were dancing really sexy. I couldn't believe it. 0 - 1 - Then, I rented a small studio in an unremarkable part of town and hired the usual workmen that I had worked with before, that would keep their mouth shut for a price, to furnish the otherwise barren lot. A couple of hours later, there's a large bed with metal post and chains on each corner, two medieval wooden stocks, a modified Spanish donkey, a couple of specially designed chairs with a large hole on the seat where the butt would fall into, and various other implements designed to keep its user restrained and exposed indefinitely. Some time in between a delivery truck came to deliver a horde of sex toys, whips, canes and torture devices and when I came back after lunch, the entire lot now looked like a fanatic's BDSM chamber.