The Stepmother Ch. 1: My Punishment for my Sexual Desire

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Jay informed David that Gene gave a wonderful blowjob and while Jay was to try his ass, David must get sucked by him. Gene smiled with a full consent as he remembered that he used to enjoy getting fucked by the dorm boys in college and hoped that Jay could bring his being ass fucked talent back as well as he did with the blowjob. Soon Gene was kneeling between Jay’s legs on the sofa as Jay worked his cock to go inside his ass and David took a position in front of Gene’s mouth with his hard cock waving in front of Gene’s eyes. Soon lube soaked cock of Jay was fully buried in Gene’s ass while David’s brown, thick and veins ridden cock was very skillfully sucked by Gene. Being very tight and not had gotten fucked in years, Jay had to use his lubed fingers to dilate and thin out Gene’s ass ring and apply the lube to Gene’s anal channel for appropriately fucking him. Jay was not announcing the fucking steps to Gene but the Cock entering his ass lips was felt so wonderful and his ass being filled was so awesome that Gene loved his ass being full at one end and mouth being packed on the other side with hard cock meats. Jay was slapping Gene and also admiring him for the nice tight ass. David was flying in the air with the ecstasy of being sucked by a very skillful aficionado making Gene moan with the utmost pleasure spreading in his body and soul through his ass and mouth getting fucked simultaneously. Seeing Jay in a very ecstatic state of fucking Gene, David said he thought that Gene’s ass was as good as his mouth and Jay only gave one word answer, “Better”. 0 - 1 - I pulled up to the house where the SLAG group was meeting at. As the President and Founder of this group, it's always important to keep up an appearance. A sexy appearance, because this group may sound like its a sex addicts recovery group but it's not.